My process

I work to a traditional and personally evolved process to ensure delivery of perfectly-crafted garments.



The first step in ordering your bespoke garment is a consultation to determine what you require for your wardrobe. Following this, we will look at the hundreds of cloth choices I have access to and which cater to every taste. I will advise on which cloths are best for certain garments and situations such as work, wedding and casual wear. 


The pattern

After the cloth is chosen a detailed set of measurements will be taken to draft your personal paper pattern from. This pattern is unique to you. Your pattern is then drafted onto the chosen cloth with chalk and hand-cut. 

STEP Three


The garment is sewn together using a white cotton loose weave thread called a basting cotton, hence the name a ‘baste’ fitting. This is then fitted on you and all of the relevant alterations are marked in chalk on the garment. Your suit is then taken apart and re-marked and your pattern corrected. This ensures that any future orders will reflect the alterations. The garment is then returned to the tailor for re-making. 

step four

second fitting

This is where we refine the fit of your garment and check everything is to your liking. You will notice the suit is also at a more advanced stage at this fitting. Your garments will then be returned to the tailor for finishing. This in when the hand button holes are created and all hand-finishing is completed. 

step five

THE Final fit

Your garment is now ready, pressed and finished. With the exception of any minor tweaks or trouser length alterations, your new suit is complete and ready for you to take home and enjoy.

The only person who acts sensibly is my tailor. He takes my measure anew every time he sees me. Everyone else goes by their old measurements.

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